Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Roald Dahl Day

September is Roald Dahl's birth month, and each year is celebrated with a wonderful array of events centred around his birthday on 13th September - the official Roald Dahl Day. In 2014, it also marks the 50th anniversary of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

To commemorate both Roald Dahl Day and the anniversary of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, there will be Golden Tickets hidden around the college throughout the week. If you are a lucky finder of a Golden Ticket, then bring it along to the LRC for some fantabulous prizes. To keep up to date with the hunt, follow the LRC online Twitter feed - @SouthSeftonLRC to get clues and news about the elusive tickets. Happy hunting!

Just a little update: All the Golden Tickets have now been found. Thank you to everyone who got involved in the search. The lucky finders of the tickets are: Alexina Whitley, Liam Wade, Karl Whitley, Lauren Cusack, Kelsie Halsall, Charlotte Price, Paul Fitzpatrick, Hannah Gregory, Zoe Whitley and Sipho Rizik. Enjoy your sweet treats!

Monday, 8 September 2014

International Literacy Day

The 8th September 2014 marks the celebration of International Literacy Day. UNESCO has decided that this year, the theme is 'Literacy and Sustainable Development'.

Literacy is a human right, a tool of personal empowerment and a means for social and human development. Educational opportunities depend on literacy.

Literacy is at the heart of basic education for all, and essential for eradicating poverty, reducing child mortality, curbing population growth, achieving gender equality and ensuring sustainable development, peace and democracy. There are good reasons why literacy is at the core of Education for All (EFA).

Welcome back!

A warm welcome to the new year 12 student intake; I hope you all enjoyed your first full week as college students last week! You survived, only 34 more weeks to go.

Also, a sincere welcome back to the year 13 students. The hard work starts here. As a reminder for you all - the important information about the LRC:

The LRC is the perfect place to find support and assistance; the LRC Manager and the volunteer Student Librarians can help with resources and services, the IT Team is available for technical support or if you need careers guidance, then the FE/HE Advisor is based in the LRC.

The LRC houses a suite of PCs, Apple Macs and a catalogue of subject specific and extended reading resources in a variety of formats to fit each student; so if you prefer print, multimedia or online resources there is something for everyone.

There is an environment to suit individual needs, with three distinct spaces to choose from; the spacious quiet study area inside the LRC, the balcony or the group study zone outside the LRC.

The LRC is a place to relax or study in a friendly and informal atmosphere and just as the kitchen is said to be the heart of the home, the LRC is the heart of the college.