Friday, 15 July 2016

The Winner Takes It All

It was an enjoyable afternoon for the LRC team when we presented the certificates for the Student Librarian Awards.  It was a gathering between friends not team mates, the goodbyes were hard but we know each of them are going on to better things. It was a great way to say farewell and celebrate the year we’d had together. 
Student Librarian: Beckie Lees

When You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello...

The summer term is always quieter in the LRC with students and staff focused on exam preparations but we managed to have a super time at our Marvellous Superheroes event. We celebrated the end of exams with a quiz for fans of Marvel and DC comics– see our 'I'm Holding Out For A Hero' post for more information about the event from our students.

It is also a time of change for the LRC team as we say a fond farewell to students moving on to university or the world of  work and welcoming new student recruits to the team but we finished the year with a bang with our LRC Team student librarian awards evening – excellent achievements from all our students. Look out for our recap coming soon.

LRC Manager: Leane Kinsella

Thursday, 7 July 2016

I'm Holding Out For A Hero

As Student Librarians, we help to organise and plan different events in the LRC.

For the summer term we chose to plan our Marvel vs. DC themed comic event called ‘Marvellous Superheroes’.
Students discovered their own superhero name and then joined either the Marvel or DC team to get involved with a scavenger hunt and comic quiz.

Student Librarians:  Jack Lyon & Liam Gowing

 “I thought it was brilliant that we had our own super hero name and super powers—my power was phasing, so cool and even better, our Marvel Team won the quiz and scavenger hunt.”            Student: Jessica Reddington