LRC Clubs

LRC Weekly After College Programme

During term time, the LRC hosts a weekly programme of events. These events are FREE to attend and are open for all students and staff. 


Book Club
Book Club | Tuesdays after college from 15.20 @SouthSeftonCol | #SouthSeftonReads

Chess Club
Chess Club | Tuesdays after college from 15.20 @SouthSeftonCol | #SouthSeftonChess


Craft Club
Craft Club | Thursdays after college from 15.20 @SouthSeftonCol | #SouthSeftonMakes

Code Club
Code Club | Thursdays after college from 15.20 @SouthSeftonCol | #SouthSeftonMakes



Students can also contribute to the LRC Magazine |shelf life on a seasonal basis. For more information about our newsletter and to view previous editions of |shelf life, please click here. #SouthSeftonWrites

Writing Workshops