For students to progress academically, they need the skills and 'ability to access, understand and create communications in a variety of contexts.' (Ofcom, 2010) This means that the students need to demonstrate and relate to digital literacy, media literacy and information fluency in order to learn and develop their academic research skills. This can be achieved through extended reading, designing personalised information skills techniques and preparing individualised revision strategies.


"Reading offers endless pleasure. Through books, readers can be transported to another time, another place, another planet, into numerous situations vastly different from their own. Though this experience, readers begin to get a better understanding of others as well as of themselves. They formulate their own ideas, experience new feelings and begin to see their lives in perspective." - Judith Elkin (2003); 'The Reader'

Reading is not limited to textbooks and studying, students can expand their horizons by reading for recreation or leisure. Below are some links providing recommended reads and reviews of classics and new novels for young adults.
  • Book Drum Go beyond the page and hunt for your next book with the internet's first crowd-sourced literary atlas. Book Drum is the perfect companion to the books we love, bringing them to life with immersive pictures, videos, maps and music.
  • Booktrust Inspiring a love of books, Booktrust is an independent reading and writing charity that aims to empower people through reading and writing; to support everyone in developing their literacy, enhancing their ability to communicate, learn to promote creative writing and literature as a vital part of UK arts and culture.
  • Carnegie Shadowing Site South Sefton LRC has its own dedicated page for shadowing the UK's most prestigious book award for outstanding writing, The Carnegie Medal. Students can read and review the shortlisted books according to the judge's criteria and post their opinions online.
  • Goodreads Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations. Our mission is to help people find and share books they love. Goodreads launched in January 2007.
  • Man Booker The Man Booker Prize promotes the finest in fiction by rewarding the very best book of the year. The prize is the world's most important literary award and has the power to transform the fortunes of authors and even publishers.

Information Skills

"Information literacy is knowing when and why you need information, where to find it, and how to evaluate, use and communicate it in an ethical manner." CILIP Council (2004)

Students need to demonstrate a competancy in selecting material for homework, coursework and revision notes. The skills required to be information literate include the recognition for - 
  • A need for information
  • The resources available
  • How to find information
  • The need to evaluate results
  • How to work with or exploit results
  • Ethics and responsibility of use
  • How to communicate or share your findings
  • How to manage your findings


Here is a list of websites that provide resources, techniques and coping strategies for studying and revision purposes.
  • Examstutor Exams tutors supports students as they prepare for their exams, helping them gain the best grades possible. Originally devised by a group of lectures to aid delivery of advanced level courses through the use of online study material, the site is now used by schools, colleges, individual students, teachers, and lecturers throughout the UK and overseas.
  • GetRevising Get revising has been setup to encourage students to put into practice
  • the best advice about exam preparation. It enables a personalised approach to revision and encourages students to see that they are not alone but part of a community of thousands of others, all revising for the same exams.
  • GoConqr Everything you need to get the A-level results you want is here. With some help and advice and by integrating effective learning strategies into your study, you will be surprised what you can achieve.
  • Gojimo Gojimo Revision is the free app that helps you pass exams. Access over 65,000 practice questions for free.
  • BBC Schools Age 16+ The BBC has resources and interactive games to help you with your college courses and revision techniques.
  • Revision World RevisionWorld.com has been designed to provide you with the foundations of knowledge needed to pass each subject. Whilst not aligning itself with a particular exam board or syllabus RevisionWorld.com aims to cover the key aspects of each subject.
  • StudyWise A-Level revision organised for ease of use. As well as resources for general subject A-Level revision, they’ve also put together revision resources for the three big beasts of the examining world: Edexcel, AQA and OCR.
  • The Student Room links to revision notes for A Level subjects. 
  • Tutorpages The tutor pages allows students to contact tutors for free, and to browse hundreds of expert articles written by the tutors themselves.