The Learning Resource Centre has a dedicated team of student volunteers who assist in the LRC during break, lunch time and during free periods. Members of the LRC team are clearly identified when on duty by displaying their LRC badge and by wearing purple lanyards. The Student Librarians are recruited at regular intervals throughout the year and work closely with staff and students to help them find resources.

Current LRC Team

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2016-17 Team: Beckie Lees, Dayna McCarthy, Molly Howard, Anna Royle, Adele Lennon, Daniel Hill, Jessica Reddington, Jessica MacCulloch, Briony Garner, Lewis Tant, Lauren Kendrick, Lily-Rose Staples, Abi Knowles and Hagen McGowan.

Previous LRC Teams

2015-16 Team (from left to right): Molly Howard, Anna Royle, Chloe Medway, Sophie Bennett, Liam Gowing, Kara Hourihane, Lizzie Foster, Mollie Royle, Rebecca Morris, Beckie Lees, Jack Lyon, Adele Lennon, Elicia Richards and Rebecca Murray.


2014-15 Team (from left to right): Lauren Cusack, Sarah Shearer, Beckie Lees, Chloe Brady, Karl Whitley, [Stephanie Hughes, Leane Kinsella, Hannah Fowler] Rebecca Murray,  Liam Wade, Elicia Richards, Zoe Whitley, Lebiangi Raveenthirajah, Alexina Whitley and Jack Lyon (unpictured - Kelsie Halsall and Shaunna Duff).


2013-14 Team (from left to right): Matt Voce, Shannon Caulfield, TaylorJay Burke, Shaunna Duff,  Adam Keam Adam Shaw, Claire Hough, Chloe Brady and  Hannah Davies (unpictured - Matthew Kingsbury).

2012-13 Team (from left to right): Jack Watson, Samantha Keith, Joanne Roach, Abbey Stanley, James Stoops, Faye Howard, Matthew Kingsbury and Hannah Fowler.


2011-12 Team (picture not available): James Stoops, Amy Evans and Mary-Ann Holt.